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Here are a few simple activities for you to do with your family. Print off the pages for resources to help you explore the Nature Center.

  • Use our track page to help you identify the the footprints left by animals. Look around ponds, trails, and in snow for many of these tracks.
               What you'll need: The Animal Tracks page and your five senses for exploring.

  • Print off this page and bring it with you to the Nature Center. Read the clues to find each rubbing post place along our trails. Once you find the post use a pencil or crayon to make a rubbing on your sheet. Can you find all six posts?
               What you'll need: The "Around the Nature Center" page and a pencil or crayon.

  • Create your own field guide to help identify birds in your backyard or here at the Nature Center.
               What you'll need: Backyard Bird Book pages, scissors, a stapler, crayons, colored pencils, or markers.


A collection of articles from the Nature Center. Read these with your family to learn fun facts about animals, plants, and other fun ways to explore the Nature Center.