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On October 31, 2017 the camp building at Wilderness Nature Camp was destroyed in a fire.

Children came to Wilderness Nature Camp to hike, bike, build, explore, discover, run, play, splash, commune, befriend, and grow in the wild. Wilderness Nature Camp has given thousands of kids the opportunity to be kids, to learn in different ways, and to simply have the best time. 

This building was a simple structure but every summer, for over 40 years, it was home base for adventures.

Wilderness Nature Camp has amazing camp staff, fantastic kids, and the best wild place in Lincoln to explore. Without a building can it continue? Yes, however a new camp building will need to be built. Rebuilding camp will take time and money. 

A new home base. 

Pioneers Park Nature Center is committed to keeping camp going so children can continue to have a fully immersive nature camp experience in Lincoln. Until a new location is determined, building plans are made, and funds are raised to help rebuild; Wilderness Nature Camp will need to take place in a temporary location.

The temporary camp will also have expenses. A structure and portable bathroom facilities will be needed. In addition, most of the camp supplies were lost in the fire. Everything from games and fishing tackle, shelving and storage bins, craft supplies, water quality testing kits, binoculars, plus tools and other many more supplies will need to be replaced.

The estimated cost for temporary facilities and new camp supplies is $13,000. 

You can help.

Donations made to the "Keep Camp Wild" campaign will go towards making hiking, biking, building, exploring, discovering, and growing in the wild possible in 2018. Your contribution will go directly support the temporary camp location and the replacement of the all supplies lost in the fire.

Volunteer to help get the temporary camp location ready for summer 2018. Our first volunteer work day is set for Saturday, December 9 from 1:30 - 3:30 pm. Please click on the volunteer button to sign up or request more info. Thanks for your interest in helping keep camp wild! 

Thank You for Your Support

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We have raised $9,415.00 of our goal.

In the News

  • On October 31, 2017 a fire destroyed the Wilderness Nature Camp building at Wilderness Park.